What is a flat top grill?

What is a flat top grill?

You may have seen flat-top griddles in restaurants, diners and joints with a flat cooking surface used to cook a large amount of food of different types at one time. The flat-top grill is a smaller yet modern rendition of the griddle in which the grates of the griddle are replaced by a thick flat sheet used as a cooking surface.

If we have your interest piqued, continue reading to learn about this modern cooking appliance, which offers wide functionality and is quite the rage among outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Let’s look at the design features of a flat top grill and how you can benefit from using one.

The design of a flat top grill

A flat-top grill is powered with gas; however, some designs use wood or charcoal. They usually have a flat cooking sheet made from carbon steel, which is provided with heat from under through a circular heating element. The heating element design is intended to enable uniform cooking and high-quality food output. Some designs come with multiple heating zones depending on the size.

Flat top grills come in different styles and sizes. Many have wheels under which enable ease in mobility. There are others with tables on the side so that you can put cooked or uncooked food on them for easy serving options.

Uses of a flat top grill

While you cannot use a flat top grill to barbecue or smoke food or put grill marks on it, you can use the flat top grill for cooking various food types. From various breakfast items like fried eggs or omelets, sausages, bacon and toast to lean cuts of meat and vegetables, you can cook all of these and much more on the flat top grill.

The meat can be seared and buttered beautifully with the desired caramelization effect and a rich flavor. You can cook pork, ribs, chicken breast and even fish on the flat top grill.

The flat sheet offers a large cooking area so you can cook different kinds of food at once, thus helping you save time and cook healthy food. Unlike the conventional grill, excessive grease or oil does not drip down onto the flames, so you do not have to worry about troublesome cleaning sessions.

Moreover, since the food does not come in direct contact with the flames from the burner, you do not have to worry about flare-ups, which are a common occurrence in gas grills.

Most flat-top grills are easy to clean. Some designs include a grease cup at the back of the top, so the residual grease can be scraped into the cup and emptied later.

Overall, the flat top grill is an easy to use and easy to maintain cooking appliance. You can use it for preparing delicious lunch and dinner menu items and breakfast items for your friends and family. If well taken care of, you will enjoy using it for many years. See these flat top grills reviewed by prochefsguide.

FIFA: A List of Most Memorable Matches

FIFA: A List of Most Memorable Matches

The most memorable FIFA World Cup matches (watch on 군밤티비) are those that have had the biggest impact on the sport. From the first-ever World Cup in 1930 to the most recent one in 2018, many great matches have been played throughout the years. Here are some of the most memorable FIFA World Cup matches:

1) The 1950 World Cup Final – Uruguay vs. Brazil

This was the first World Cup final to be played outside of Europe, and it did not disappoint. Uruguay and Brazil were both vying for their first-ever World Cup title, and it was a close match throughout. In the end, Uruguay came out on top, winning 2-1 in what is considered one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

2) The 1966 World Cup Final – England vs. West Germany

This was a rematch of the previous year’s final, which saw England win their first-ever World Cup title. West Germany came out on top, winning 4-2 in extra time. The match is remembered for its great drama and the fact that England had to play most of the match with only 10 men after a player was sent off.

3) The 1970 World Cup Final – Brazil vs. Italy

This was one of the most entertaining World Cup finals ever played. Brazil was the heavy favorite going into the match, but Italy managed to take the lead early on. Brazil then staged a comeback and eventually won the match 4-1. The match is remembered for its great goals and attacking play from both teams.

4) The 1982 World Cup Semi-Final – Italy vs. Poland

This was a rematch of the 1978 World Cup final, seeing Italy come out on top. This time around, Poland got their revenge, winning 2-0. The match is remembered for its great atmosphere, and it was played in front of a partisan Italian crowd.

5) The 1986 World Cup Quarter-Final – Argentina vs. England

This was a highly anticipated match between two of the favorites to win the tournament. Argentina went into the match as the clear favorite, but England managed to take the lead early on. Argentina then staged a comeback and eventually won the match 3-2. The match is remembered for its great drama, and it resulted in one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

6) The 1990 World Cup Final – West Germany vs. Argentina

This was a rematch of the previous year’s final, which West Germany won. Argentina got their revenge this time, winning 1-0 in extra time. The game is famous for its high drama and for being the first World Cup final decided by a penalty shootout.

7) The 1994 World Cup Final – Brazil vs. Italy

This was a rematch of the 1970 World Cup final in which Brazil came out on top, winning 3-2 in extra time. The match is remembered for its great drama and that it was the first World Cup final to be decided by a golden goal.

Cleaning Companies:Why They Are A Must-Have

Cleaning Companies:Why They Are A Must-Have

Your office is the most crucial place. All the businesses’ discussions, transactions, and deliberations occur here. And the last thing you want is a wrong impression and diseases from a dirty and unhealthy workspace.

Businesses want to maintain their property, work in healthy environments, and impress clients. So, how do you ensure that your offices are thoroughly cleaned for a healthy environment? We understand that you’ve got an employee in charge of vacuuming like most companies. Can they clean furniture and carpets where dust, dirt, pathogens, and allergens hide?

Absolutely No. This is where commercial cleaning companies come in. This article will highlight what cleaning companies do, why you should hire their services and their benefits. Keep reading!

What Do Cleaning Companies Do?

A cleaning company consists of professional cleaners that offer cleaning services. They provide services to offices, buildings, and businesses. These professionals are trained, experienced, and equipped with equipment and chemicals for cleaning. Some of their cleaning activities/services include:

  • Technology dusting and window cleaning
  • Taking out the trash, cleaning the walls tiles, and waxing the floors
  • Mopping, vacuuming, and washing carpets
  • Dusting, sanitizing the bathroom and workstations
  • Cleaning Blinds, kitchen, and all the other office rooms

What’s more, most of these companies are flexible and work within your schedule. You are also free to buy your supplies, chemicals, and materials if you choose to. The only thing you need to do is discuss it with them. If you also have any specialized requirements, they are always ready to listen.

Why Should You Hire The Services Of A Cleaning Company?

The success of your business depends on it having a clean and healthy workspace. Your clients need to find the spaces inviting-it speaks volumes of your professionalism. Other reasons why you should hire cleaning services such Cleanify – Büroreinigung Wien, as  include:

  • A clean office makes your employees healthy, productive, and happy. Employees spend most of their time at work. The best you can do is make it comfortable to boost their morale. Working with grumpy and sick employees always requesting sick leave affects productivity.
  • It promotes your brand’s image. A tidy office translates to high-quality products and better services to potential clients.
  • There’s a need for quality air that only cores with a deep cleaning, reducing many diseases.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company?

You will agree that cleaning your office is not an easy task. Why go through all the trouble when you can hire someone with a professional touch? Are you still wondering why you should hire a professional cleaning company? Some of the benefits you stand to enjoy by hiring them are:

• They provide higher quality cleaning service

We don’t dispute that you have someone responsible for basic cleaning. But if you need a cleaner, fresher and spotless look, choose professionals. These people are trained to deliver the best cleaning results.

• They come with specialized tools and equipment

These professionals are equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and innovations. They understand the tools and innovations that work best for each area.

• Customer satisfaction is their topmost priority

They want to please their clients. Thus they’ll schedule their cleaning to adapt to your calendar and requirements. Some may even offer extra services like post renovation cleaning.

• Their services are cost-effective

These professionals come with their equipment, and hiring them means hiring this too. Hence you don’t need to spend extra on expensive supplies and materials

• They are environment conscious

All reputable cleaning companies commit to protecting nature. Hence they use cleaning chemicals that are harmless to the environment and humans.

In Conclusion

Businesses cannot downplay the importance of keeping their workspace clean, safe and healthy. And cleaning companies guarantee superior work leading to 100% satisfaction.

Take Advantage Of These Ideas: Buy These 8 Amazing Gifts For The Women You Love!

Take Advantage Of These Ideas: Buy These 8 Amazing Gifts For The Women You Love!

There are several women in our life: sisters, girlfriends, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, friends, and so on. With so many influential women in your life, you’ll need a lot of gift ideas for women when events come. In this article, we’ll reveal you cadeau voor haar ideas for women that will suit the characters of all your family and gal pals.



Nothing beats an old-fashioned classy gift of sparkly jewelry. As Marilyn Monroe’s song goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” It doesn’t matter if you buy for your mom or your girlfriend. Jewelry is something that every woman loves. So get her something shiny for her birthday or anniversary to show how much she means to you.

Makeup Kits:


Makeup kits are an easy present to give, particularly if the woman in your life likes to make up. They make fantastic gifts, but they’re also usually of exceptional value, with economical prices relative to the cost of each item alone. This makes them ideal if you’re on a tight budget or a smart shopper.

Designer Handbag:


Designer handbags are fantastic since they can last a lifetime and have high resale value. Bags, like any other designer item, are quite desirable. Getting her a designer bag will perfectly complement her collection, and she will love you even more for it!



Being warm, snug, and comfy is among the best feelings in the world. As a result, a robe is a wonderful present for the women in your life. It’s excellent for drying off after a bath and lounging about the home on a lazy Sunday morning with a cup of coffee or tea and a decent book. We’re confident they’ll enjoy it!

Skincare Kit:


Give the gift of beautiful skin. A skincare kit is an excellent present because it is always required and will eventually run out. If you know the woman you’re purchasing it for, you know she’ll adore it.

Bottle of Wine:


Who doesn’t like wine? A decent bottle of wine is appropriate for practically any occasion, and it makes an excellent present for a woman with refined taste.




There is no better present for a book enthusiast than a book they’ve been eyeing for a long time. A book is a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys broadening their horizons and growing their knowledge. With hundreds of possibilities, you’re sure to find something they’ll enjoy.

Coffee Maker:


Is anything better than a decent cup of coffee when you get up? For many women, it’s one of their favorite morning rituals and a means to guarantee the day gets off to a good start. Getting her a coffee machine will surely raise your ranks!


So when you are buying gifts for women in your life, consider these ideas!

Women handbags 2022: What’s trending today?

Women handbags 2022: What’s trending today?

Handbags are key pieces of clothing for women. However, unlike other accessories, these ones tend to be “transient,” which means they fluctuate from one season to another. Whether you want to stay current with today’s trends or would like to find a way to adapt what’s currently trending to your own aesthetic, here we have a few options you can take into account for that purpose.

Trends in Women’s Handbags

Women’s handbags never go out of style. However, most designers’ designs to present them fluctuate from time to time. Handbag trends usually change quite fast, but the list of handbag styles listed below has been present for a few months. You can consider what we mention here if you’re looking forward to staying current with today’s trends.

Bucket bags

Bucket bags have been present in different ways throughout the decades. 2022 seems to have brought back this style again, as multiple adaptations of the same bags have appeared throughout the years. Some of the most popular options include smooth leather with a glossy finish, for instance. This style is often accompanied by stitching details, but it is also possible to find clean, smooth designs.

Regular handbags

There are so many variations of handbags in the modern-day that we dare to say that there is a perfect match for everyone out there. You have plenty of options here, from bags with sturdy top-handlers to zipper closures, for instance.


Oversized bags are still quite popular in today’s world. We’ve seen how oversized clothes have become quite popular in recent years, especially due to the popularity of figures like Billie Eilish.


Briefcase-style bags are also another good option for 2022. Like the previous options listed, there are diverse styles and designs to choose from. Plus, if you’re one of those that usually carry a bunch of stuff with them whenever they go out, perhaps this style can suit you better.

When it comes to the current trends in women’s handbags, we can say that things haven’t truly changed that much since one year ago. We’re still early in 2022, which means that we’ll probably see how these trends fluctuate to something different in the upcoming months.

Trends in Women’s Fashion

We’re still early in 2022. However, we have already started to observe a few trends going on, including all-black looks. Fashion experts suggest experimenting with the layers and textures until you find something that goes in accordance with your own style.

Additionally, you will also find high-heel platform shoes, which were already quite popular in previous years. Other trends may include beaded embroidery and accessories like large chokers and luxury chains.

Besides black, other trendy colors include red, which happens to be Taylor Swift’s signature color.

Diverse trends are ongoing at the moment, and they’re likely to change in the upcoming months. However, having this information in mind will help you dress accordingly. However, it is also important for you to take into account your preferred กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง style.