What is a flat top grill?

What is a flat top grill?

You may have seen flat-top griddles in restaurants, diners and joints with a flat cooking surface used to cook a large amount of food of different types at one time. The flat-top grill is a smaller yet modern rendition of the griddle in which the grates of the griddle are replaced by a thick flat sheet used as a cooking surface.

If we have your interest piqued, continue reading to learn about this modern cooking appliance, which offers wide functionality and is quite the rage among outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Let’s look at the design features of a flat top grill and how you can benefit from using one.

The design of a flat top grill

A flat-top grill is powered with gas; however, some designs use wood or charcoal. They usually have a flat cooking sheet made from carbon steel, which is provided with heat from under through a circular heating element. The heating element design is intended to enable uniform cooking and high-quality food output. Some designs come with multiple heating zones depending on the size.

Flat top grills come in different styles and sizes. Many have wheels under which enable ease in mobility. There are others with tables on the side so that you can put cooked or uncooked food on them for easy serving options.

Uses of a flat top grill

While you cannot use a flat top grill to barbecue or smoke food or put grill marks on it, you can use the flat top grill for cooking various food types. From various breakfast items like fried eggs or omelets, sausages, bacon and toast to lean cuts of meat and vegetables, you can cook all of these and much more on the flat top grill.

The meat can be seared and buttered beautifully with the desired caramelization effect and a rich flavor. You can cook pork, ribs, chicken breast and even fish on the flat top grill.

The flat sheet offers a large cooking area so you can cook different kinds of food at once, thus helping you save time and cook healthy food. Unlike the conventional grill, excessive grease or oil does not drip down onto the flames, so you do not have to worry about troublesome cleaning sessions.

Moreover, since the food does not come in direct contact with the flames from the burner, you do not have to worry about flare-ups, which are a common occurrence in gas grills.

Most flat-top grills are easy to clean. Some designs include a grease cup at the back of the top, so the residual grease can be scraped into the cup and emptied later.

Overall, the flat top grill is an easy to use and easy to maintain cooking appliance. You can use it for preparing delicious lunch and dinner menu items and breakfast items for your friends and family. If well taken care of, you will enjoy using it for many years. See these flat top grills reviewed by prochefsguide.

FIFA: A List of Most Memorable Matches

FIFA: A List of Most Memorable Matches

The most memorable FIFA World Cup matches (watch on 군밤티비) are those that have had the biggest impact on the sport. From the first-ever World Cup in 1930 to the most recent one in 2018, many great matches have been played throughout the years. Here are some of the most memorable FIFA World Cup matches:

1) The 1950 World Cup Final – Uruguay vs. Brazil

This was the first World Cup final to be played outside of Europe, and it did not disappoint. Uruguay and Brazil were both vying for their first-ever World Cup title, and it was a close match throughout. In the end, Uruguay came out on top, winning 2-1 in what is considered one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

2) The 1966 World Cup Final – England vs. West Germany

This was a rematch of the previous year’s final, which saw England win their first-ever World Cup title. West Germany came out on top, winning 4-2 in extra time. The match is remembered for its great drama and the fact that England had to play most of the match with only 10 men after a player was sent off.

3) The 1970 World Cup Final – Brazil vs. Italy

This was one of the most entertaining World Cup finals ever played. Brazil was the heavy favorite going into the match, but Italy managed to take the lead early on. Brazil then staged a comeback and eventually won the match 4-1. The match is remembered for its great goals and attacking play from both teams.

4) The 1982 World Cup Semi-Final – Italy vs. Poland

This was a rematch of the 1978 World Cup final, seeing Italy come out on top. This time around, Poland got their revenge, winning 2-0. The match is remembered for its great atmosphere, and it was played in front of a partisan Italian crowd.

5) The 1986 World Cup Quarter-Final – Argentina vs. England

This was a highly anticipated match between two of the favorites to win the tournament. Argentina went into the match as the clear favorite, but England managed to take the lead early on. Argentina then staged a comeback and eventually won the match 3-2. The match is remembered for its great drama, and it resulted in one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

6) The 1990 World Cup Final – West Germany vs. Argentina

This was a rematch of the previous year’s final, which West Germany won. Argentina got their revenge this time, winning 1-0 in extra time. The game is famous for its high drama and for being the first World Cup final decided by a penalty shootout.

7) The 1994 World Cup Final – Brazil vs. Italy

This was a rematch of the 1970 World Cup final in which Brazil came out on top, winning 3-2 in extra time. The match is remembered for its great drama and that it was the first World Cup final to be decided by a golden goal.

Women handbags 2022: What’s trending today?

Women handbags 2022: What’s trending today?

Handbags are key pieces of clothing for women. However, unlike other accessories, these ones tend to be “transient,” which means they fluctuate from one season to another. Whether you want to stay current with today’s trends or would like to find a way to adapt what’s currently trending to your own aesthetic, here we have a few options you can take into account for that purpose.

Trends in Women’s Handbags

Women’s handbags never go out of style. However, most designers’ designs to present them fluctuate from time to time. Handbag trends usually change quite fast, but the list of handbag styles listed below has been present for a few months. You can consider what we mention here if you’re looking forward to staying current with today’s trends.

Bucket bags

Bucket bags have been present in different ways throughout the decades. 2022 seems to have brought back this style again, as multiple adaptations of the same bags have appeared throughout the years. Some of the most popular options include smooth leather with a glossy finish, for instance. This style is often accompanied by stitching details, but it is also possible to find clean, smooth designs.

Regular handbags

There are so many variations of handbags in the modern-day that we dare to say that there is a perfect match for everyone out there. You have plenty of options here, from bags with sturdy top-handlers to zipper closures, for instance.


Oversized bags are still quite popular in today’s world. We’ve seen how oversized clothes have become quite popular in recent years, especially due to the popularity of figures like Billie Eilish.


Briefcase-style bags are also another good option for 2022. Like the previous options listed, there are diverse styles and designs to choose from. Plus, if you’re one of those that usually carry a bunch of stuff with them whenever they go out, perhaps this style can suit you better.

When it comes to the current trends in women’s handbags, we can say that things haven’t truly changed that much since one year ago. We’re still early in 2022, which means that we’ll probably see how these trends fluctuate to something different in the upcoming months.

Trends in Women’s Fashion

We’re still early in 2022. However, we have already started to observe a few trends going on, including all-black looks. Fashion experts suggest experimenting with the layers and textures until you find something that goes in accordance with your own style.

Additionally, you will also find high-heel platform shoes, which were already quite popular in previous years. Other trends may include beaded embroidery and accessories like large chokers and luxury chains.

Besides black, other trendy colors include red, which happens to be Taylor Swift’s signature color.

Diverse trends are ongoing at the moment, and they’re likely to change in the upcoming months. However, having this information in mind will help you dress accordingly. However, it is also important for you to take into account your preferred กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง style.

Health benefits of medical marijuana

Health benefits of medical marijuana

The trend of using medical marijuana has been gaining momentum in recent years as an increasing number of individuals are considering it an alternative source of treatment for multiple health conditions. Recently, there has been much debate over the legalization of medical marijuana as different countries are aiming to devise structured legal frameworks for using and cultivating it – Canada allows it already and you can even buy weed online.

But let’s look at various medicinal benefits of medical marijuana that various clinical studies in different capacities have proved.

Pain management

The most frequent use of medical marijuana is for pain relief. According to clinical studies, it has a significant impact on chronic pain in the body. The THC in cannabis effectively manages neuropathic pain, while the Cannabidiol or CBD helps provide relief against inflammation. Medical marijuana works at inhibiting the pain response in the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body.

Therefore, individuals can reduce their pain and improve their quality of life while avoiding getting intoxicated. Due to its pain management properties, medical marijuana is useful for the treatment of various health issues like arthritis, post-trauma or even cancer. However, it is not potent enough to help recover from post-surgery pain. In other cases, medical marijuana can help improve the quality of sleep in patients with chronic pain symptoms by reducing their pain and helping them feel better.

Management of digestive issues

Medical marijuana is considered to be an effective remedial medium for inflamed bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It helps reduce abdominal discomfort, diarrhea and reduces inflammation of the intestines. Similarly, it is also helpful in managing irritable bowel syndrome and helps gut health by improving absorption of essential nutrients.

Management of Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be a debilitating disease and greatly impacts the individual’s quality of life. According to clinical studies, patients with epilepsy have also benefited from the use of medical marijuana by experiencing a significant reduction in their epileptic seizures. Medical marijuana was found to be particularly helpful in managing epilepsy in children and young adults.

Management of Multiple Sclerosis

Due to its provision against pain relief, medical marijuana can be quite instrumental in managing conditions like multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a condition that involves the central nervous system and is characterized by muscular spasms and chronic pain.

Medical marijuana can help prevent loss of muscle function by reducing muscle spasms and helps relieve intense pain.

Medical marijuana helps control the associated issues by reducing the inflammation along the spinal cord and preventing the pressure on nerve endings to reduce muscular spasms.

Reduction in nausea

Nausea is a common side effect for individuals receiving chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer. Medical marijuana helps provide relief against nausea and can help them feel better.

Improvement in appetite

Moreover, cancer patients and individuals suffering from other detrimental diseases like HIV suffer from loss of appetite and feel a lack of energy, leading to further deterioration of their health. They can also benefit from the use of medical marijuana as it can help improve their appetite and enhance their food intake to improve their nutritional energy and help them feel better.

Stress and anxiety management

Another very beneficial aspect of medical marijuana is its effectiveness against stress and anxiety. It has been found to be very effective in alleviating stress and anxiety and improving sleep quality by minimizing the occurrence of trauma-induced flashbacks and nightmares.

It is the reason why war veterans who have PTSD are prescribed medical marijuana so that they can manage their symptoms. However, its use is contingent on the legality status of medical marijuana in the state.

From the above-cited benefits, it is easy to see why medical marijuana is a hot topic today. Many individuals who previously depended on opiates turn to medical marijuana as an effective substitute and garner its remedial benefits.



Women’s short hairstyles are coming back

Women’s short hairstyles are coming back

Want to start the New Year in style? Why not try a short hairstyle for a change? Yes, you heard it right; short is the new cool and 2022 is the year to embrace that change. While short hair has never really gone out of style, they are becoming quite popular nowadays. You may have noticed celebrities carrying short hair in different styles and agree they look very chic.

Many women have always preferred to keep their hair short for a professional and clean look that is easy to maintain yet looks classy at the same time. At the same time, some women have reservations about short hair and feel they don’t look feminine. However, we assure you that if you look at what the most popular hairstyles of 2022 have to offer, you are sure to be tempted to give it a try.

We have compiled a list of short hairstyles that may inspire you to experiment with your looks and decide to go shorter this year. Let’ have a look.

The many styles of the pixie cut

You may be surprised to know this, but the pixie cut is a diverse style, and there are multiple ways you can style it. For instance, you can go for a pixie with side bangs. If you want a more striking look, you can opt for a pixie with upward bangs and an overall ruffled look. It is also a great way to make your hair look more voluminous.

Moreover, pixie doesn’t always have to be extremely short. You can get a pixie haircut with a deep partition on the side to create the effect of side bangs with more hair on the top. It is sure to make you look very classy.

If you have straight hair, one way you can style a pixie cut is to wear it short with straight light bangs. Alternatively, you can go for the classic pixie and support a chopped-up haircut.

Bob hairstyles

Like the pixie cut, there are multiple ways to carry a bob. One example is a shoulder-cut bob with heavy layers. This kind of hairstyle gives volume to the hair and also makes it look quite classy.

Alternatively, you can go for a rounded bob with a wavy hair look and have bangs in the front. It is simple yet elegant and gives a balanced look. You may be surprised, but a bob haircut is not only for straight or wavy hair; you can also opt for it if you have very curly hair. A slightly longer bob with a sideways partition adds softness to the facial features and reflects elegance with subtlety.

Moreover, if you are looking for a powerful professional look, you can go for the razor-cut straight bob. A little asymmetry makes it look very edgy and can help you achieve that professional looking you may be seeking.

If you consider going for a short haircut, consider your hair texture, hair type, and face cut. Going shorter also means your hair will mainly be framing your face, so you must choose a look that complements your face and highlights your features. Moreover, the cut must be suited to your hair type so you can maintain it with minimal effort.

Reasons to hire a professional tree care company

Whether big or small, residential or commercial, properties only look beautiful when they are well-maintained and properly taken care of. Tree care is an important aspect of property upkeep and needs to be carried out regularly, thoroughly, and professionally.

You may naturally be tempted to carry out the tree care aspects like trimming, pruning, tree shaping, and stump grinding or mulching on your own, considering it may save you some money. However, it may not be the best idea to do so.

Continue reading as we highlight a few reasons as to why you should hire a professional tree company.

Reasons to hire a professional tree care company

Professionalism and expertise

Tree care services like tree trimming or shaping and removal require heavy-duty machinery and dangerous tools like chainsaws and handsaws. Even if you believe you have the basic know-how of the job, you may not have the expertise to handle these tools without putting your safety at risk.

Therefore, it is best to let the professionals handle the job who know how to handle such equipment. They can get to the top of even the tallest trees to carry out the necessary tasks without putting anyone or anything in harm’s way.

Avoid risking your safety and damage to your property

Suppose you are not prepared for the job or well-informed about doing it well. In that case, you may mishandle cutting the weaker limbs and branches and end up inflicting damage on your property, e.g., cutting up electrical wires, tree limbs damaging your car or your roof etc.

You may also get harmed in the process if you are not stepping out of harm’s way or not shielding yourself well. If the tree has weak limbs or even a weak foundation, you may not be able to identify the hazard on your own and may very well be putting yourself at risk.

On the other hand, the professionals know how to get the job done safely and without any implications.

DIY tree care is time-consuming

This is particularly true if you have never done it before or lack the appropriate tools for the job. Without the requisite skills, tools and equipment, you may get a shoddy job done, which can be disappointing, particularly if you have put a lot of time into it. Moreover, if your property has tall, sturdy trees and you do not have a ladder or a chainsaw to tackle the problem on your own.

You can easily resolve the conundrum by hiring a professional tree care company, like the Tree Service Charlottesville.

Having said that, you can still find some good DIY tips online, e.g.

Want your trees to grow and look beautiful? Hire a professional tree care company

Adequate tree care is not only required to make the trees and your property look beautiful; it is also intended to make your tree grow stronger and healthier. When a tree is pruned properly, its roots become stronger, and new branches grow easily. If you take good care of your trees, they will withstand extreme weather conditions and will stand for many years adorning your property and giving you fruit and shade.