When it comes to professional mattress cleaning, the prevalent perception is that it will be a costly process, and an alternative DIY is a better option. However, once you get your mattress professionally cleaned, there will be no going back. People attempting mattress cleaning on their own employ different techniques, and if you search for guidance in this regard, you might be confused by the conflicting advice you see.

While you can do your part when it comes to regular cleaning, let us tell you why it is a good idea to ditch the idea of doing it entirely at home and seek the help of professional cleaners once every six or four months.

Deep cleaning of your mattress

Usually, the mattresses we use in our households are quite thick, and if the mattress has been around for a long time, it may have accumulated a significant amount of dirt, dust, and other pollutants that may penetrate the deepest surface of the mattress and regular cleaning may not be effective in getting rid of them. However, professional cleaning services, for example CleanLad, a professional mattress cleaning company from Singapore, find their way into the deepest crevices of the mattress and can clean the mattress from the inside out.

Get rid of the tough stains and odor

Most of us are unaware of how dirty our mattress is and are under the impression that basic vacuuming, flipping the mattress, or changing the sheets should suffice.

While it should be a regular part of the cleaning routine, i.e., you should change the sheets weekly, vacuum the mattress, and flip it at least once a month, it is not enough. This is particularly true if the mattress has been around for a while and has tough stains and a strong smell due to sweat or other causes.

DIY methods are not effective enough to get rid of these sweat stains and smells, and if you overuse a certain chemical to get rid of these on your own, you may be putting your health at risk as the body can absorb these chemicals.

Hence, it is better to entrust professional cleaners to get rid of stubborn stains and stench. They will use non-toxic chemicals, which are not only effective but will also not cause harm to your health.

Save costs in the long run

The more advice you seek online for mattress cleaning, the more confused you may get. Chances are you may be investing unnecessarily in cleaning solutions and equipment, and hiring professionals can save you from this hassle.

Moreover, if you only do regular cleaning and do not opt for deep professional cleaning once in a while, over time, your mattress will deteriorate, and soon you may be in the market looking for a new mattress. However, a professional cleaning can make your mattress good as new and saves you the cost of buying a new one every now and then.